Thursday, 1 April 2010

Viva (voce) il nuovo dottorato di ricerca!

Congratulations to our friend "D" who successfully passed his Viva or final oral examination yesterday, and is thus only weeks away from becoming a full-fledged PhD in Economics. His research area? Land management in the uplands of Scotland, home to sheep of many shades, standing stones, and drystane dykes. His reward for years of hard work? Cake! (plus a doctoral degree and our admiration).

(The Upper Cut Cake gals joined forces to bake these mocha (cup)cakes and create the smiling sheep, while Elanor took lead on design and executed the final scene with coffee-flavored buttercream icing and marbled fondant stones.)


  1. Wow,

    Slightly reminiscent of Wallace and Grommet, but even cuter. What is the black sheep on the cake's body made out of?

  2. Elanor are you keeping the recipes secret? I too would love more details about what you guys make your decorations out of! They look D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!

  3. Several people commented on the family resemblance between Shaun and our sheep! Technique-wise, the black sheep is primarily made of buttercream icing: I piped the main shape of his body using a mid-size star tip, added his face and little feet of black (and a little white) molded fondant, and then covered his body in piped random curlicues using a small (No. 1 or 2) round tip. I skipped the curlicues on the white cupcake sheep so that the piped stars would instead provide the feel of woollen fleece. Thanks so much for the positive feedback!

  4. If we may be so bold as to relay "D"'s Facebook post about his Viva cake:

    "A huge thanks has to go to Jen and Elanor for making a masterpiece which better summarised my research than the guff I produced."

    You are most welcome!