Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Naturally colourful

It's been a while since we baked a cake but I promise there will be some coming very very shortly.

In the meantime I was reading an article today in the Metro about food colourings. Obviously in our cakes we often use a lot of colouring, making them full of additives. I know that this is an issue as I am personally allergic to colouring. I just don't mind suffering for my art!

The article discussed using fruit, vegetables and spices to colour icing and cake. Spinach buttercream frosting, blackcurrants for an inky, cerise purple, blueberries create a sophisticated dove grey shade of blue, condensed tomato soup, turmeric powder, beetroot juice etc.

Would anyone be interested to see the results of using such colours? Is there anything else you think would work for colouring that we could try?

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