Saturday, 15 May 2010

A starfish enterprise, one cake at a time

Last week, the gals at Upper Cut Cakes were pleased to donate their baking efforts to "A2Z World Without Walls", a Scotland-based charity working locally and in Zimbabwe. Organizers of A2Z's inaugural fundraising fayre requested a prize cake for the high score winner at the Sjoelbak, aka Dutch shuffleboard, booth.

The A2Z founders drew inspiration for their "Starfish Enterprise" from the story of The Star Thrower by Loren Eiseley, so Elanor found inspiration for the cake design in the charity's cheery starfish logo, with the phrase "World Without Walls" circling the sides.

Elsewhere in the kitchen(s), Jen baked up a storm of shortbread.

(White cake with a filling of old-fashioned vanilla cooked frosting, finished off with rolled fondant icing and hand-cut decorations; by Elanor.)

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  1. Hi there you Gals - just wanted to say a very, very, very big thank you on behalf of A2Z World Without Walls for the simply fantastic cake you made for us! It was delicious! I was honoured to be given a slice by the winner! If you are on facebook it would be great if you added us as friends and also joined the A2Z World Without Walls group page! Once again - thanks a million! Colin and Laura Shreenan