Monday, 12 July 2010

Under the sea

A joint effort between both Upper Cut cake gals, this boat cake for a 60th birthday celebration became an intricate work of art. We hope it didn't disappoint at the party!

One or even two views of this cake would not be sufficient to see all of the work that went into it so there now follows quite a few photos.

The birthday boy was once an owner of his very own cabin cruiser. This was the inspiration behind the entire cake and we hope that it was not too unlike its realisation in fondant icing!

An under the sea scene would not be complete without some fishies which became little characters in themselves.

A life ring that could save anything!

Some funky seaweed and pebbles made the sea bed a great resting place for a pretty starfish.

Last but not least the little starfishes (and the baby starfishes) that could be found in various spots around the cake.

(Two tiers both of plain sponge cake baked by Jen each with a middle layer of three berry jam, buttercream made by Jen but cake decorated by Elanor, fondant decorations made by both Jen and Elanor and placed roughly according to the tiny little sketch by Jen)

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