Sunday, 28 November 2010

The cake that kept on giving

Another Sjoelbak fundraiser for the Scotland-Zimbabwe charity A2Z World Without Walls (this time in conjunction with bingo night), another starfish-themed cake by Upper Cut Cakes as the prize.

After many hotly contested rounds, Upper Cut Gal "J"'s husband came out victorious. But even after receiving the sweet spoils, the shuffleboard proved hard to resist; here's "Mr. J" having one last go before the night came to a close: cake in his left hand, wooden pucks in his right.

However, the story of this mini-cake, aka "the little fundraising machine", doesn't end here. "Mr. J" knew that much more cake was in his immediate future (see upcoming posts) so he generously donated his prize to be sold the following day at the Dunblane Cathedral Guild Coffee Morning in aid of the International Rescue Corps.

Well done, mini-cake. That was certainly a good day and a half of fundraising before being eaten and, we hope, thoroughly enjoyed.

(Mini (4"-round) double-layer yellow butter cake with a filling of fluffy vanilla cooked frosting, decorated with fondant icing; by "E".)

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