Monday, 31 January 2011

Trust me, you'll never taste the veg

The road to a PhD is full of challenges. We are thrilled for our good friend "P" who is oh-so-close to earning the title of "Dr." after recently passing his Viva, or dissertation defense, with flying colours. Which left us Upper Cut Cakes gals with a challenge of our own: how to depict his lofty research on trust and banks on a tangible and tasty celebration cake. Plus make it with vegetables, per "P"'s special request!

Only slightly fazed, Elanor created a chocolate courgette cake, aka a chocolate zucchini cake, filled and covered with a light version of chocolate creme fraiche frosting: light on the sweetness scale but packing a chocolaty punch. Gold-covered chocolate coins, ties on the topper figures, and a little briefcase were used to convey the business world of banking.

Two potential outcomes of trust falls (most commonly used during team-building exercises) were portrayed with chocolate rolled fondant silhouette people. In the cake topper, leaning Mr. Yellow Tie is being caught by Mr. Orange Tie - a successful trusting relationship!

Several of the smaller figures around the sides, however, seem to have misplaced their trust; they are seen awkwardly hitting the decks, having not been caught by the remaining rigid silhouettes.

Congratulations, "P", on achieving this academic milestone!