Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Campfire not required

A night sky sparkling above. The coziness and camaraderie of conversation around a crackling fire. Sounds, smells, sights, and touch of a natural setting to arouse the senses. Aaah, so many joys of outdoor camping.

As it's still February, the next camping adventure lies months away. With the right component recipes, though, we've recently found we can enjoy one of the best parts of camping anytime, and in the warmth of the indoors: s'mores, cake style!

In this version, Upper Cut Cakes gal "E" baked graham cracker cake* in cupcake form and in two layers for the accompanying 4" mini-cake. A little ball of chocolate ganache was placed in the middle of each cupcake but became a small chocolate medallion base upon baking (tasty nonetheless). Seven-minute frosting with its fluffy marshmallow-like texture was piped atop the cupcakes and then dipped in more ganache, à la high hat cupcakes. A generous portion of frosting was also sandwiched between the mini-cake layers before the cake received its own chocolate ganache coating. To finish, the cakes were adorned with hand-piped chocolate twigs laced with hickory smoke, les pièces de résistance! Now if only there was a way to represent flames rising from the mini-cake's teepee fire topper...

* Technical note: Due to the limited availability of graham crackers in the UK, digestive biscuits were used in their place.

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