Monday, 13 June 2011

Life imitating literature

"You know, not every time is right for a big, full-on cake. Sometimes, you want a little essence of sweetness that is more like a kiss, or a friendly word on a sad day. And also, you know what pears are like. Ripe for ten seconds then you've missed it. Whereas this works very well with pears you've just missed, or the hard ones that go all powdery. Cake is a very forgiving mistress to bad pears." (p. 142 of Meet Me at the Cupcake Ca by Jenny Colgan-->)

In the book, Gramps is describing a recipe for pear upside-down cake. But a third of the way through her guilty pleasure read of the month, Upper Cut Cakes gal "E" recognized these words as also being the perfect depiction of her own recent dinner party dessert, a deliciously moist and honey-sweetened polenta and pear cake. "E" is still dreaming of leftovers for breakfast!

(Pear and polenta cake infused with honey and garnished with a sprig of rosemary)

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