Sunday, 3 July 2011

Recreating memories

Just as she was about to celebrate her anniversary, what did Upper Cut Cakes gal "E" unearth from the freezer but two mini-cake layers of the same flavours as her wedding cake. A coincidence like that just begs for a decorated cake!

In this 4" miniature representation of the original 3-tiered confection (which "E" did not not make), single layers of chocolate cake and lemon cake substituted for full tiers of these flavours, and a vanilla-whisky mousseline buttercream was used in place of the original traditional buttercream. As in the original, the cake was brightened inside with a thin layer of strawberry conserve and outside with a piped lily of the valley motif. Fresh purple lisianthus flowers added an additional floral touch to both versions, supplemented with feathery fern greenery in the original and goldcrest conifer sprigs in the miniature version.

Happy anniversary, Mr. "E"! May the next year be a sweet one!

(4" diameter, 2-layer, single-tier mini-cake; chocolate cake layer atop lemon cake layer; filling of strawberry conserves and frosting; mousseline buttercream frosting flavoured with vanilla and Scottish whisky; piped lily of the valley flowers and leaves; fresh lisianthus and goldcrest conifer sprigs)


  1. it's beautiful! Happy anniversary again to you and Mr "E" :-)

  2. Thanks so much, partner-in-baking!