Monday, 8 August 2011

What's in a cake?

The wedding cake in the previous post may have looked very simple but actually there's a lot going on. As an artistic exercise while baking each cake Jen photographed every single ingredient.

These are just some of the many elements (and photographs) required for an 11in fruit cake, 9in chocolate cake and a 7in carrot cake. From top: brown sugar, carrots, coconut, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, coffee, butter, brandy, dried fruit and orange zest.

Before icing, each cake had to be prepared in its own particular way. Fruit cake is smothered in jam and then covered in marzipan, chocolate cake needs a chocolate buttercream filling as well as two thin covering layers and carrot cake needs a vanilla buttercream filling as well as two thin covering layers.

Only then can the cakes be iced with a single layer of smoothest white fondant icing and decorated with purple ribbon held in place with a pearl topped pin.

The recipes for the cakes were taken from the book Sweet & Simple Party Cakes by Mary Clee-Cadman of Maisie Fantaisie. They must have been pretty good as apparently there wasn't a single slice left at the end of the wedding!

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