Sunday, 11 September 2011

Peter (Rabbit) gets into the herb garden

This past Saturday, Upper Cut gal "E" found herself surveying the cupcake stall at the local farmer's market with mixed emotions. On the one hand, there was appreciation and delight at the array of delicious treats and flavours. On the other, a slight feeling of envy and as-yet-unfulfilled anticipation for the creative baking process. So armed with two selections from the stall (lemon curd-filled lemon cake and blueberry-topped white chocolate, both to be shared with "Mr. E"), she headed back home to add to the day's cupcake output.
For flavour inspiration, the amazing fresh mint ice cream enjoyed at a recent wedding. For practical elements, the pantry stash of dark chocolate plus a bundle of fresh mint left over from a 2-for-1 special - no extracts today. For purpose and theme, friend “P”’s birthday celebration that night.

And ta da, we have a loose culinary interpretation of the famous but mischievous rabbit who snuck into the kitchen garden: a single chocolate fondant bunny amidst moist chocolate cupcakes, each filled with a mint and chocolate ganache and topped with mint cream frosting.

May Beatrix Potter be honoured and both Peters (literary rabbit and real-life birthday guy) feel full and happy!
(Cake: chocolate. Filling and secondary piping: chocolate and fresh mint ganache. Primary piping: cream frosting whipped with fresh mint. Peter cutout: chocolate fondant.)

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