Monday, 26 September 2011

There's no place like home

The "M" family moved house recently and invited Upper Cut Cake gal "J" to their house warming party. Her first thought? Cake opportunity! Secondly, a sunshine cake should warm things up nicely.

With Mr "J" away for the weekend and the baby asleep upstairs "J" went crazy in the kitchen. The parsnip and maple syrup cake that she baked was not quite deep enough for her design idea so an extra vanilla sponge was an essential make. Friday evening was spent colouring and cutting tiny little shapes for flowers (heaven!)...

not forgetting the pretty little house in the midst of the rows of flowers growing in the sunshine...

(two layers of parsnip and maple syrup cake (recipe from the 2009 Good Food cake competition winner and maple syrup brought back from Maine) encasing a single vanilla sponge layered with a generous amount of cream cheese frosting. Decorated with two tone cream cheese frosting, coloured fondant cut out shapes and chocolate fondant house)


  1. Parsnip? Really? Have to give it a go I think.

  2. yes really! It's a bit like carrot cake, definitely worth a shot :-)