Monday, 31 October 2011

Caught in the web

Careful what you say around the Upper Cut Cakes gals, or you might get caught in their web of cakes! A few days before her birthday, “A” let slip that pumpkin cheesecake is a birthday favourite. So with “A”’s combined birthday and Halloween party planned for this past weekend, UCC gal “E” set her cauldron[1] on the open fire[2], consulted her book of spells[3], and summoned up a witch’s brew[4] to fortify her fellow creatures of the night before their midnight cemetery rambles: a creamy pumpkin cheesecake with sour cream topping layer and ginger-graham bottom crust, complete with a giant chocolate spider making its way towards an unfortunate insect that’s been ensnared in the spider’s web.

Witch-to-Human translation guide: [1] springform pan ; [2] oven ; [3] cookbook ; [4] pumpkin cheesecake

Happy Halloween!

(baked pumkin and spices cheesecake with vanilla and sour cream top layer and bottom crust of crushed ginger nut biscuits and graham crackers; melted chocolate web, spider, and insect; insect eyes with red and yellow writing icing)

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