Thursday, 1 December 2011

Flying the flag

Upper Cut Cake gal Jen loves it when her day job coincides with her love of baking. Her graphic design business, designjr, has just completed the logo and branding for Airthrey Ltd. She was delighted when the new Learning Evaluation company asked her to produce branded cupcakes for a seminar.

Little flags with the logo seemed like an obvious choice for a company with a strong castle identity. Chocolate orange completed the sensory experience to ensure that potential clients left with the brand colour, orange, on their minds.

(left: chocolate orange cupcake in a black cupcake wrapper with orange coloured and flavoured buttercream and right: double chocolate orange cupcake in an orange cupcake wrapper with plain coloured orange flavoured buttercream)


  1. These were so good. I could have eaten the whole box!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed, they did seem to go down well! Thanks for the photos :-)

  3. It was a pleasure; I got to play around with a gadget! Sorry the photos weren't better, it was a bit frantic and I don't have such a creative eye! I've got a second hand DSLR now so I can start practising :-)