Monday, 5 March 2012

For ladies who lunch

Pre house move Upper Cut Cake gal Jen is on a mission to use up everything in the cupboard in an attempt to minimise the number of boxes (which is ridiculous as one more box will not make any difference to the masses).

She prepared a little treat for a lunch/play date to use up some coconut. This sugary treat was definitely not child friendly as after sampling a mouthful or two Jen's mini Upper Cut Cake gal went nuts for the rest of the afternoon!

Big thanks to J & G for the extremely stylish cake slice and lovely compliments.

(moist milk chocolate cake covered in swiss meringue buttercream trimmed with coconut)


  1. Oh this sounds very lush....and all just to finish the coconut! my wee man would have definitely helped himself to some...he LOVES cake!

  2. Thanks brinabird, it was pretty tasty! I've also accumulated a lot of sugar and flour which I'm using up. Once we move we will need to have a play date and I'll make some baby friendlier cake for your wee man to try.