Sunday, 25 March 2012

A well-played season

Throughout the past two seasons of the British University American Football League (BUAFL), Upper Cut Cakes gal "E" has been pleased to support the Stirling University Clansmen home team from the sidelines fundraising table. The University colour of "malachite green" was on full display at the opener Homecoming Game this past November, as it featured in not one but three types of cupcakes. Most obviously, the gooey (from melted chocolate chunks) but hearty (combination of whole wheat plus plain flour) double-chocolate cupcakes were topped with a baked cream cheese layer (think baked cheesecake) coloured green to complement the team uniforms and the gorgeous Ochil Hills landscape in which Stirling's home pitch is nestled. More subtly and not obvious from these photos, swirls of green batter were streaked through the yellow cake base of the "high hat" cupcakes, which were topped with piped fluffy seven minute frosting and either milk or white chocolate coating.

The University American Football season is now drawing to a close, so it seems an appropriate time to congratulate the players and coaches of the Stirling Clansmen for their teamwork, sportsmanship, and on-field success throughout the past season. With a 7 - 1 record during regular season, they once again earned the title of Scottish Champions and played their way into the top tier of BUAFL post-season. Three cheers to you all!

(Gooey double-chocolate and whole wheat cupcakes with baked cream cheese topping; yellow cake cupcakes with vanilla seven minute frosting and dipped coatings of white and milk chocolate; many thanks to "S" for her fabulous photography skills and her assistance at the fundraising table.)

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  1. As an 'offical taster' may I just say how scrumptious they were too!