Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A lassi for a lassie

When "S" gave Upper Cut Cakes gal "E" free reign to create whatever type of cake she wanted for "S"' housewarming party, it was a chance to make a cake that was individualized to the recipient and occasion and that would also expand "E"'s baking repertoire. With "S", a Calcutta gal, planning to serve tasty savoury Indian treats, "E" was inspired by the mango lassi, a delicious yoghurt-based drink from the Indian subcontinent. Inspired enough, in fact, to attempt her first mousse cake!

With two layers of natural yoghurt sponge cake, two layers of mango mousse generously sprinkled with chunks of fresh mango, a topping of fresh mango puree, and final touches of piped fresh cardamom cream and whole shelled pistachio nuts, this cake had all the not-too-sweet, not-too-tart creaminess, fresh fruit flavours, and hint of spices for which the mango lassi drink is known and loved the world over.

And it was accompanied by a gigantic sigh of relief from baker "E". To quote directly the text message she sent when the cake didn't collapse upon release of the springform pan: "Holy moley, i think it worked! So excited!"

Many thanks to fellow baking blogger 'Sotong Cooks' for "creating by adaptation" and posting what turned out to be the perfect recipe for a Mango Lassi Cake, perhaps without even knowing it. Shakespeare may have said it best: "A [cake] by any other name would [taste] as sweet." (okay, so maybe that's very slightly paraphrased...)

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