Saturday, 7 April 2012

Wedgewood Faberge Easter Eggs

With the move successfully taken care of (double oven cleaned and baking equipment carefully tidied into the biggest drawer in the kitchen) Upper Cut Cake gal, Jen is glad to be settled into the new house in time to celebrate Easter.

Taking inspiration from the Cupcake Project's blog post about baking cake in real egg shells Jen baked egg-shaped chocolate Easter cakes. Further inspired by her own new "blue" dining room she decorated them in a Wedgewood Faberge style. Perfect ornaments for display in the dresser with all the china and glasses.

Happy Easter!

(Milk Chocolate egg-shaped cakes with buttercream undericing and "Wedgewood" blue fondant icing with piped ornamentation in royal icing and silver ball decorations)


  1. Wow - I bow down to your talent. Those are AMAZING!

  2. That's really kind. Thanks for the inspiration!