Saturday, 2 June 2012

Birthday beverage

This year's birthday cake for our friend, "M", indirectly celebrated his Italian citizenship by highlighting his home country's coffee culture.  A massive cup of cappuccino was created with mocha cake 'steamed liquid', coffee (light brown) and mocha (dark brown) buttercream 'foam', fondant 'china', and cocoa powder decorative stencils of cocoa beans.  But wait, a sexy giantess seems to have taste tested the coffee before "M" got to it!  Smeared traces of her blood-red lipstick remain on the cup, the foam is disturbed where her upper lip met the steaming beverage, and a matching imprint remains on the napkin where she daintily dabbed her lips post-sip...

As a side note, "M" holds a very special honour on the Upper Cut Cakes blog.  An inside-outside zebra cake baked to celebrate his birthday two years ago kicked off this sweet blogging experience, making "M" the blog's first honoree.  Since then, his birthday cakes also informally serve as anniversary cakes for the blog (though as was the case this year, the posts don't necessarily get written promptly).  So happy belated birthday to "M" and happy belated anniversary to the gals and readers at Upper Cut Cakes!

(Mocha cake made from swirls of chocolate and coffee cake batters, topped with coffee- and mocha-flavoured buttercream frosting, and partially covered with white rolled fondant; cocoa powder stenciling.)

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  1. Ooh la la! A debonair cake for a debonair guy.