Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Two peas in a pod

After 40 years happily married it might be considered that Upper Cut Cake gal Jen's parents were two wee peas in a pod. This is what she went for in decorating the cake to celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary. It's a bit cheeky but they loved it!

(Cranberry Cheese Cake made with ruby red dried cranberries decorated with a glace icing top, fondant two peas in a pod topper and red love hearts)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Great minds think alike

Having recently moved house (blueberry bush in tow) Upper Cut Cake gal Jen is discovering the joys of the fruits of her new garden. The beautiful cascade of nasturtiums inspired both gals with cake ideas. Inspiration struck at just the right time for Jen to create a cake for Elanor's birthday. The wasabi chocolate in the cupboard seemed like the perfect addition to a stunning and unusual cake.

(wasabi chocolate cake drowned in chocolate ganache and decorated with bright orange edible nasturtium flowers)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Pretty little thing

For the birthday of friend "S" the Upper Cut Cake gals decided that two minds were better than one when it came to making the cakes. They did not however anticipate the havoc that two very small people could wreak. They discovered that while she tried to be very helpful the older mini Upper Cut Cake gal A became rather fond of the fondant. She's hoping that this is the first of many collaborations in the Upper Cut Cake kitchen!

(maple syrup and pecan cupcakes with maple syrup buttercream, fondant flower and dot sprinkle decoration; concept by Upper Cut Cake gal E, cakes and buttercream by Upper Cut Cake gal J and fondant decorations by team effort)

Thursday, 6 September 2012

They're worth the wait

Seven women, their devoted partners, and a collective 63+ months of teetotelling.  What do they deserve when celebrating the birth of seven gorgeous and healthy bouncing babies?  Blueberry daiquiri cupcakes!

Postscript: The title of this post was originally intended to refer to the babies but hopefully could, in some far lesser way, also apply to the cupcakes.

(Sponge cake moistened with blueberry-infused white rum simple syrup, filled with rum-soaked chopped fresh blueberries, and frosted with a lime zest, rum, and blueberry syrup-laced buttercream.)