Sunday, 30 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Despite a family of ill health this December Upper Cut Cake gal Jen has still managed to produce all the relevant cakes required for the month. With extended family joining in the celebrations, Jen wanted a Christmas cake that would suit all tastes.

She plumped for her favourite gingerbread recipe to create a heap of decorated baubles in a shiny silver box (the actual Christmas cake).

(rich fruit Christmas cake baked in a square tin covered in a layer of marzipan plus a layer of grey tinted royal icing, silver lustre spray and silver balls decorated with fondant icing "tissue paper", gingerbread biscuit baubles iced with coloured and white stamped fondant icing)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Wasabi cake pops

What can go wrong with cake? A discussion that Upper Cut Cake gal Jen had recently was brought to mind when the chocolate birthday cake she was making went wrong (apparently it is not a good idea to add four times the indicated amount of bicarbonate of soda). 

Helpful testers of the disastrous cake determined that the cake itself was fine sparking the idea of cake pops. Jen is an avid follower of Bakerella's blog about the balls of cake on lollipop sticks but she had never made them. They were seriously good and she will be making them again!


(wasabi chocolate fudge cake dipped in either white or dark chocolate decorated with crushed or powdered wasabi peas)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Nanas (or Omas) who knit

When she saw these beautiful cakes on Cupcakes take the Cakes blog, Upper Cut Cake gal Jen knew just the sort of decorations she would make for her mum's (or Oma to mini Upper Cut Cake gal A) birthday. The avid knitter, who is currently undertaking several knitting projects for family members, was delighted with the little details.

(Banoffee cupcakes: banana cake baked in pretty little individual square cases with a melting toffee centre topped with toffee butter cream and decorated with fondant balls of wool, thread, knitting needles and buttons)

This is what happens when Jen receives a helping hand from wee A!