Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Child's Play

A sweet little after Christmas project for Upper Cut Cake gal Jen and her helper mini Upper Cut Cake gal A. A helped stir the banana and raisin cake mix and put spoonfuls into the mini cupcake cases to be baked. She then placed a jelly tot on top of the mountain of butter icing.

The cakes were enjoyed by all A's wee (and big) friends at nursery the next day.

(mini banana and raisin muffins with a heap of piped butter icing and finished with a jelly tot)


  1. Oh my wee man loves baking, all the stirring and of course licking the spoon. Ours do not look so good when they come out though!

  2. Thanks Brinabird, wee A loves baking with me too but I realise I'm a bit of a control freak. One day I'll learn to let go and then I'll post the results!