Sunday, 17 February 2013

A new life...blossoming

Given the reason behind Upper Cut Cakes gal “E”’s frequent absence from the blog these days (a new family member, Upper Cut Cupcake “A”), it was only fitting that her return to the baking kitchen was to celebrate another growing family and their soon-to-arrive wee one.

Cupcakes are all about fun, but the orange blossom flavour also lent a certain subtle sophistication to the afternoon baby shower.

On second thought, it might have been asking too much of a simple cupcake selection to balance out the unsubtle silliness of the games played at this festive “women, men, and children all invited” occasion!  We can’t wait to meet your new daughter/sister, “A”, “S”, and “H”!

(Orange blossom sponge cupcakes topped with swirls of piped orange blossom buttercream or, for non-buttercream-loving guests, tinted orange blossom water icing; adorned with wedges of orange citrus slice jelly candies)

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