Sunday, 24 March 2013

Musings on baking and chocolate-covered strawberries

Elanor: For those who have followed the blog, you'll have seen that my baking is usually about two things.  First, the idea that the cake needs to fit the occasion or the recipient.  Sometimes there's a cake in my existing repertoire that's a perfect fit.  Other times this means experimentation and a one-of-a-kind recipe or design.

Second, the flavours.  Sure, I love the classic ones like decadent chocolate.  But more often than not I'm drawn to combinations not found in the bakery aisle of grocery stores.  I am, after all, the girl who fell in love with cucumber ice cream at first taste (which, unfortunately, has also been my last because I moved and no other homemade ice cream shops seem to have thought it as good an idea as it is).

This current project needed to focus on the blog's 3rd birthday and celebrating individual and joint efforts alike.  Seemed like three cakes, two created individually and one jointly, would certainly fit the occasion!  The flavours in the joint cake, though, also had to marry well and not clash.  So I suggested a joint cake based on the well-loved treat, the chocolate-covered strawberry.

One white chocolate cake layer, one strawberry cake layer, sliced fresh strawberries nestled in a white chocolate buttercream filling, and jazzed up with Jen's hand-dipped chocolate covered berries.

Jen's individual cake would then be based around white chocolate cake, and mine around strawberry cake.  Over to you, Jen!

(Layers of strawberry butter cake and white chocolate sponge cake filled with fresh strawberries and white-chocolate buttercream, and topped with even more buttercream and hand-dipped white chocolate strawberries.)


  1. I'm pretty sure it would be difficult for either of us to stop baking cakes, Sabrina. And more immediately, there are two more cakes to come!

    I also should have added to this post that Jen took this cake from idea plus two unfinished cake layers to yummy finished cake goodness. I think the final design is a nice example of how she creates delicious and polished-looking cakes while staying true to her mantra of "keep it simple".