Monday, 25 March 2013

Naked cake with falling flowers


Jen: Those who know me or have been following the blog will realise that I’m a very prolific baker (not just for the past three years but actually for as long as I can remember). Having family and friends around to bake for has been a great help.  I’ve baked for birthdays and anniversaries galore and have even had the privilege of baking a 3-tiered wedding cake.

My tastes and ideas have developed over the 3 years. I’ve tried to challenge myself with each project so that I’m always learning new skills (that said I do have my favourite stand-bys for when time is tight). Other people’s opinions are also very important to me and I try to create cakes to suit the recipients’ tastes as well as being mindful of allergies.

My philosophy is keep it simple and I certainly tried to stick to that here. Having watched a steady rise in the popularity of naked cakes recently this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. After a fun day of sampling some amazing cake flavours around Edinburgh I wanted to up my game on the flavour front and create something more unusual. I don’t know if I managed but it certainly tasted good!

(white chocolate sponge filled with caramelised peaches and cardamom buttercream dusted with icing sugar and dotted with delicate fondant flowers)


  1. Thanks Sabrina, sorry you missed having a wee taste. It didn't last long!