Saturday, 23 March 2013

We are 3!

Elanor: Happy birthday to Upper Cut Cakes! The blog's been a joint effort from the start, so we thought it appropriate to make the celebratory posts a joint effort too.  We have lots of cake, lots of photos, and lots of details to share, so we'll be posting a bit every day for the next few days.

Jen: If we told you everything that we went through to create these mini cakes to celebrate the blog's 3rd birthday you probably wouldn't believe us. You'd think that after 3 years of baking decorating and blogging we'd have it down to a fine art. We don't. But we have learned that baking requires patience, time and the ability to make light of accidents (happy and unfortunate).

Without giving you all the gory details, the plan for this project was to each bake three layers of cake and use two of them to decorate a 2-layer cake. The two spare cake layers would then be joined to co-create a 3rd 2-layer cake (are you still with me?)

Elanor: Hope we've tantalized your taste buds so you'll join us tomorrow to hear more about each cake!


  1. Thanks, Sabrina, for following us, helping us celebrate this mini-milestone and, when opportunities arise, eating cake with us!